I'm with my friends but how long can it last. We all know that there can only be... ONE!

One Level.

One winner. 

One button. 

There can only be ONE. 

Entry for - GMTK Game Jam


Game - Oliver William Walker - @OliverGameDev

Audio - Lewis Barn - @lewisbarn


ThereCanOnlyBeOne - Windows - Final.zip 26 MB


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The very first game I really like! :)

This warmed my heart, thank you. 

7/10 could use some work but was overall great

Thank you very much friend. :)

really great implementation of an awesome idea,loved the art style of the game. overall very good game in such short interval of time. i would love to know how you guys achieved such great graphics in unity(was it post-processing or any art asset you guys made).

Anyways loved the game in all aspects.

Hello! :D It makes me very happy to hear you enjoyed the game. As for achieving the visuals, it's all in the post pro yes! I also go wayyy overboard with the lighting stuff and there's a custom shader used in the downloadable version. Hope this answers your question! Thanks again! :D

Confusing, because only at 3rd try understood that the yellow dot is like a shepherd for the herd and you must protect the herd as long as possible,No direct control over.If you used appropriate sprites/models such as shepherd, sheep and wolfs, it would improve gameplay, because people have used to idea that you control only 1 character. 

Honestly,I didn't know what i was supposed to do. Given the title i thought I should've killed every black sprite but let 1 live

Very awesome. Effect is so cool.

I admit that at first I thought I play as yellow dot and need to escape the swarm of enemy. I try to kill them all and make my yellow dot become the last one standing. haha.

After that, I try to kill them all except one. But it is gameover. I expected you win.

Then I read the instruction. Oh! silly me.

Controls and graphics are on point! I spent quite a while trying to run away from the little ones xD

You absolutely smashed this!! Really great concept for the gameplay, love it <3

Really cool game and very smooth controls.Nice done!

I had some trouble at first understanding the game I thought I had to kill all of them except for one :D but really cool game and clever idea. I really like the color scheme too

The control is feel very good and the color as well. I feel really satisfy when seeing the minion follow my mouse after dash. Very juicy! Nice game :D

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In the first try I just read the description and for some reason I thought I need to kill everyone except 1, and then I understood. Lol. Anyways, amazing game, amazing controls. I also wasn't sure if the "snowballs" are good or not until I accidentally ran into them. 

This Game controls is so smooth, game is a little bit hard from beginning but in the end I played and played this game.

Okay this is awesome, at first I thought the followers were enemies and so I ran them into stuff. Lol Love this game.